buy land in sindhudurg

What we do

Our forte is land acquisition and land consulting.

Land Acquisition

  • Facilitators, brokers and farmers networking
  • Site survey, demarcation and phase-wise planning
  • Price negotiations
  • Manage the entire transaction at a micro level
  • Land aggregation and strategic tie-ups with land
    owners via primary documentation

Land Consulting

  • Land records availability and legal clearance services along
    with title search and certificate services
  • Land Data co-relations with revenue remedies and
    coordination with longitude data
  • Tenancy, mortgage, loan, burden and government clearances
  • Land acquisition documentation with proper identification,
    precaution and execution
  • Registration and post registration services

Why invest in Rubber plantation?

  1. India contributes about 9 % of the world natural rubber production and is the third largest natural rubber
    producing country
  2. Rubber plantations start yielding just six years of being planted and are productive for about 25 years
  3. The annual yield from each hectare of rubber cultivation from 7th year onwards ranges from 1500 kg to
    2500 kg
  4. Plantation in one acre consists of 200 rubber plants i.e. approximately 500 plants per hectare
  5. A person can claim government subsidy of upto 10 hectares in his name
  6. The Rubber board of India grants a subsidy of Rs. 36,000 per hectare while the Maharashtra tragovernment
    grants a subsidy Rs.45, 000 per hectare in the first six years of cultivation

Why invest with Flagship Properties?

1, We have the experts, processes and systems in place to provide you with top-notch services according to your requirements

2, Cost-effective solution

3, We carry out the initial agricultural assessment of a site location that includes

Our Projects

Land development and rubber plantation on 486 acres Vaibhawadi taluq, Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra. Rubber plantation on 115 acres of land at Saliste village, Vaibhawadi taluq, Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra

  1. 228 acres of land at Kankavali that is approximately 8Km from Mumbai- Goa Highway, 16 Km from Kankavali railway station,40 mins drive from upcoming Sindhudurg airport and close to a river
  2. 205 acres of riverside (95% flat land) land at Kankavali that is only 5 Km away from Mumbai– Goa National highway and 35 mins drive away from the upcoming Sindhudurg airport
  3. 275 acres of land at Vaibhwadi that is about 12 Km from Vaibhawadi town, one hour drive to Sindhudurg airport, 30 minutes from Vaibhawadi railway station and have platforms prepared for rubber plantation
  4. 200 acres dam- side property at Vaibhawadi that is about 14Km away from Vaibhwadi town, one and half hour drive to the airport and 30 mins drive from the Vaibhawadi railway station