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Invest in Sindhurg

Why invest in Sindhudurg?

  1. Sindhudurg is a well-known tourist district in India surrounded by greenery, sea and forts
  2. In the last few years, Sindhudurg has developed and transformed completely
  3. The government of Maharashtra has approved a Rs.509 crore project- The Sea World, India’s first oceanarium
    to be built in Sindhudurg
  4.  International airport to come up at a distance of 17km from the Mumbai-Goa highway
  5. Konkan railway to connect Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka
  6. A four-lane highway is being developed on the Mumbai-Goa stretch
  7. Many water reservoirs and dams in proximity ensure plenty of water supply to SIndhudurg
  8. Beautiful nature and clean air are a boon in Sindhudurg